The General Concept of Sales Management with Pharma Crm Software

Sales management with the help of such a tool as pharma crm software allows you to increase sales, make managers’ work more productive, respond customer requests faster and make the sales process transparent and manageable

Over the past decades, the structure of consumption has undergone tremendous changes, especially in the B2C segment. The availability of information and the active growth of the trend of online trading have taught consumers to make a purchasing decision instantly, often focusing on the momentary need. Even in B2B there are changes – customers come to the company already prepared, having studied competitors and willingly look for advantages in comparison.

Studies show that the buyers make about 70% of the sales cycle on their own. This means that the client decides to purchase almost completely independently.

But what if, by working only with customers who have almost made a decision, they lose much more. Potential buyers are divided into two groups: those who are ready to buy right now and those who need some more time to decide on a purchase. The second group is the majority. As a result, the company can lose up to 50% of potential buyers. To get as many leads as possible to your sales funnel, you need to start managing their journey long before they are identified with the purchase.

In this situation, influencing the decision of the buyer becomes a rather difficult task. CRM – a system for attracting and retaining customers, allows more direct interaction with customers, unobtrusively stimulating them to make a purchase and successfully leading it through the stages of the sales funnel in order to successfully close the transaction.

Sales Management in pharma crm software

Sales management is a complex and multi-stage process. In a highly competitive environment, you can ensure a stable profit only by creating a competent sales management system. A key role in this is played not only by motivation of managers, but also by proper work with key clients, strategic planning and automation of all business processes using CRM-system.

Automation of processes is an inevitable requirement of time. Sales management involves working with large amounts of data, detailed reports, in-depth comparative analysis and information exchange, which is the basis of the entire sales system of the company. CRM-system is able to ensure the efficiency, accuracy and maximum safety of data, as well as increase sales, optimize marketing and store the history of customer relationships for further analysis.

Let’s study the main advantages of applying the CRM-system for sales management in the field of pharmacology. By implementing pharma crm software in sales, companies are able to:

  • Maintain a unified and standardized customer database
  • Manage the working time of managers and assess their effectiveness
  • Manage the processing of orders and monitor the operation of the customer support service
  • Collect statistics and analyze the work of the commercial department

Pharma crm software  registers all stages of the company’s sales, tracks active contacts and reminds managers of those clients who have not been contacted for more than a month. Also CRM-system automatically generates reports, which allows the manager to promptly monitor changes in the sales process and respond to them in a timely manner. The system is also an effective tool for conducting market research, studying consumer behavior, identifying market leaders and actual trends in sales.

The system for automation and sales management allows you to create a single information space for all employees and departments of the company.

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