The relationship between queue management systems (QMSs) and staffing

It is not news that people don’t like queuing for hours on end waiting to receive a service. This is why most people have come up with ways and techniques to keep them busy and entertained as they wait patiently in queues.

However, queues cannot only be annoying for your customers but also for your staff members as well. In this sense, introducing a queue management system in your business will allow your staff members to work in a more relaxed way and will even be more polite to clients.

As it has already been said, queues are one of the most unpleasant annoyances for your customers. They tend to feel frustrated and grow impatient more easily when they are made to wait in a queue for a long time. When customers wait in queues, and they do not know how long they will have to hold on, they complain to every employee they see asking them for a prompt solution to their problem. As a result, many a time they end up being sent from one staff member to the next without receiving any appropriate solution in the process.

Looking at this issue from the employee’s point of view, things are not easy either. To begin with, your staff can feel overwhelmed with the growing number of constant requests they receive and, as a result, they have to react instead of show a proactive attitude towards the customers’ inquiries.

Also, as you do not have an efficient QMS, there are great chances that you are hiring more employees than what you require or that you are under staffing other key areas of your business just to provide more people to deal with your clients.

Besides, your staff members may be forced to sift through unrelated queries and deal with issues they are not trained for. As you can appreciate, not having an efficient queue management system leads to low levels of customer satisfaction, a poor customer experience, and staff dissatisfaction. Needless to say, the result is higher levels of staff and customer defections and in a poor corporate image.

Hopefully, all these issues can be solved with an adequate queue management system. offers different options, and it will not be difficult for you to find one tailored to your company’s needs and expectations.

Amongst the benefits that a QMS can offer to your business we can mention, it provides an efficient and more convenient way to schedule appointments where customers can schedule appointments online, via a call center or unattended kiosk. It provides for faster processing of requests and allocation of representations.

Also, if you are routing your customers by business logic, they are routed to staff who are skilled in dealing with the inquiry. This is advantageous for your workers because they only deal with issues they have been trained for and it is better for the customer as he/she is put in touch with somebody who can understand his inquiry and deal with it efficiently.

Also, a queue management process can help you keep more accurate track of your employees’ performance and your clients’ satisfaction. It enables you to ensure that each area of the business is adequately staffed so that it can deliver superior service at all times while reducing managing costs and increasing compliance and employee turnover.

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