Tips For Taking Care of Your Tech Devices


If your life would be incomplete without at least on of your tech devices–you may consider yourself a tech geek. If this is the case, you’ll want to take the very best care of your devices so that they live a long, “healthy” life in your home and hands! But you don’t have to be a Tech geek to take good care of your device. No matter if you’re 80 years old and using your very first smartphone, or a 6 year-old doing math problems on a tablet–there are steps that can be taken to increase the amount of time and the function of your technological device. Poor habits and failure to provide proper maintenance can reduce their lifespan and also diminish their efficiency much sooner than you’d life.


Firstly, protect them with a case. This is the most simple yet important precaution one can take when ensuring the life and performance of a device. Most manufacturers have now designed protective cases and covers for their products. You can easily find cases for iPads and iPods, laptops, tablets, and smartphones at most tech stores, online, and even in some department stores. Now, it’s even possible to get personalized cases, as well as covers and cases made by some of the world’s top designer names! For instance, Kate Spade offers gorgeous, stylish, and affordable cases for laptops and covers for certain kinds of smartphones. Cases and covers protect your device from fall damage and daily wear-and-tear. It’s the most important and cheapest way of keeping your device safe and performing perfectly.


If your device does get dirty, another step to ensure it’s lifespan and performance are what you expect is to have it cleaned properly. Certain types of cleaning aren’t always what’s right for a device though, so beware. Getting rid of dirt and dust that plague all tech devices is necessary, however do not use liquid cleaner or wet wipes of any kind to do so. Liquid and water will obviously damage the hardware of your device–sometimes in irreparable ways. It’s best to clean tiny holes and space in a device with pressurized, canned air. If that isn’t an option or you’re worried about damaging your device, take it to a professional and have it cleaned by them.


Another steph you must take when keeping up with your technological devices is making sure the battery is properly maintained. The battery is what powers the very lifesource of your device, so it must be taken care of in the right way to make sure it does it’s job. Most manufacturers and tech experts advise that people not completely drain their battery before plugging it up to charge, but rather plug it in when the “low battery” warning comes up on the device and then letting it charge to a complete level. Having a backup battery for laptops and some phones is also an option if you’re really worried about them dying on you.


If you follow these few sure-fire steps for taking care of your device, you’re sure to have it for a long and happy life.



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