Touch Screen- The Latest Trends in the Current Market

A touch screen is a direct handling type technology that is based on gestures. The display screen is capable of locating and detecting a tap or touch over the screen, which is processed by the device. There are numerous devices that are now powered by a touch screen interface system and are capable of delivering unmatched performance.

Some latest gadgets, as well as machines, now utilize this technology as they are highly reliable and fast to access. Here we’ll provide an overview of the latest trends in the touch screen technology that has eventually transformed our world.


Types of Touch Screens and their Uses

A touch screen is a delicate sensing device that is made up of 2 separate sheets of different materials. These touch screens are mainly available in 4 variants based on their technology. Here are the different types of touch screens:


A resistive touch screen is made up of flexible material, which is mainly of plastic, and a strong bottom body is of hard glass. These kinds of touch screens are used in computing systems and some mobile devices that require superior touch interface.


These kinds of touch screen displays are usually affordable, and the only drawback is that they get easily damaged with sharp objects, and have a lesser lifespan.


A capacitive touch screen is made up of special material, which stores different electrical charges. The sensor in the screen detects the accurate position of the touch by sensing the change in the capacitance in the four corners of the screen. This is Interesting, as these kinds of touch screens are more reliable as compared to the resistive touch displays.

Apart from this, a capacitive touch screen is widely used in numerous mobile phone devices and tablets due to its efficiency. One can rely on these screens as they require little maintenance and doesn’t break or get damaged easily.

Infrared Based touch screen:

Another type of touch display screen is the infrared touch screen. This touch screen is based on photo detectors and LED’s, which detects the image in the different patterns of light emitted through the LED’s each time the user touches the screen.

The Surface Acoustic Wave technology based touch screen:

This kind of touch screen contains 2 transducers that precisely placed on the X and Y axis of the screen. These transducers are placed with some reflectors. When a user taps on the screen, the wave is absorbed and the touch is detected at that particular place. This touch screen is also one of the finest touch screen technologies that are used in various machinery and automobile industry.

Components of a touch Screen

A touch screen consists of mainly 3 components namely-touch sensor, controller, and a software driver. The touch sensor of the screen detects the change in the electrical signal, which is continuously running on the touch screen.

A controller takes the information from the sensor and then translates it into the low-level machine language.

A software driver connects the hardware with the operating system and provides easy interaction.

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