True Guardian of Parents Employers & Spouses: spy software Review

No matter what we do, the technology has been got the hold on human’s spine. The contemporary tech devices and its usage are necessary for the business enterprises, parents have to buy these gadgets to their young kids and teens and spouses also use this technology for plenty of purposes. Therefore, we can say that parents, employers, and spouses have to deal with the modern technological creatures in any way. Parents are very concerned when their young kids are using technology devices, employers have to manage to purchase technology for the productivity of their business and spouses have to use technology to keep an eye on their partners 24/7. The young teenagers are the most addicted community in the world who are very fond of tech-creatures such as Facebook, Yahoo, Line, Vine, tinder and others alike.

The technology no doubt is serving humanity better than ever no time ever before, but on the other hand it is creating serious issues in kids and teens life. Employers are getting advantages in their business productivity but also having plenty of issues just because of technology equipment and heavy loses. Cyber infidelity is on the rise and spouses have to deal with it through technology spy software. So, in the modern age parents, employers and spouses have to use technology to secure kids/teens, check on employees and keep an eye on spouse loyalty. Therefore, TheOneSpy monitoring software is the true guardian.

An overview of TOS monitoring app:

The cell phone spy app for android has been created to support parents, employers and for spouses. Parents can secure teen/kids from online dangers, employers can make a check on employee’s performance within the organization and suspicious spouse can know the bitter truth about his/her partner. The monitoring app offers users quantity along with the quality. It has more than 250 states of the art features which help out users to get solutions for all the problems they are facing.

 The smartphone spy software has developed by the developers for every human being, not for particular rich ones. It has the very reasonable price but effectiveness is un-measurable. It provides complete access to user’s to monitor all the activities of their target weather they are kids/teens, employees, and spouses. There are following features of the tracking software which will put all worries of parents, employers and spouses to rest.

How Parents can deal with online dangers to secure kids/teens?

Young kids and teens are addicted to the use of instant messengers and have multiple accounts on these social platforms. They got bullied from online bullies, and also get health issues because of social media addiction and sometimes become the victim of stalkers. Parents don’t need to worry; they need to use the IM’s Social media of the surveillance app. It allows parents to view all IM’s logs from their kids/teens cell phone device.  If young teens are using smartphone device while driving and they may risk their life, parents can use remotely phone controller of the cell phone parental control app. It empowers parents remote monitoring; they can block texting while driving, block stranger’s incoming calls and block the internet while driving. Young teenagers are also sharing their pictures, videos in a digital world without making privacies which may compromise their security. Parents can check their activities through view multimedia files of the parenting software. It allowed parents to get screen shots of all the activities their teens have done on their phone, you can also see photos, view their videos and can listen to all VOIP calls. Parents sometimes don’t find their young kids and teens when they are away with their friends, parents can use bug their phone of the cell phone parental app.

It enable parents to make short videos from 15 seconds to 1 minute with the help of back and front camera of target device through spyvidcam, it also empower parents to listen and record surrounding sounds from 1 minute to 120 minutes with the help of MIC bug and parents can capture images of the surroundings by using back and front camera.

 How Employers can make a check on their employees?

Employers sometimes face plenty of problems within a business enterprise such as data security, lack of interest in work by the employees and cyber-attacks. Employers can make a complete check on their employees with the help of Read emails of the employee monitoring program. It allows business owners to view all sent or received emails and Gmail’s by their employees. Employees who don’t take interest to supply the goods on given time, employers can track GPS location through Track GPS location of the employees tracking program.

 It enables employers to view current location, weekly location history, view location history and mark safe and restricted areas for employees with the help of GPS location tracker. If employees have used weak passwords on company owned devices which may compromise the data security.  The cyber-attacks can clean the company’s data within the devices if the precautionary measures have not been taken. Business owners need to use the keylogger of employee’s surveillance program; it empowers employers to see passwords keystrokes, messenger’s keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and email keystrokes.

How Spouse can keep an eye on their partner?

The smartphones and the internet are creating a problem of cyber infidelity; therefore spouses are very concerned about the loyalty of their partners. Let’s suppose if a spouse is facing the issues regarding the suspicious behavior of his/her partner, then he/she need to use the spouse cell phone tracking program. If your spouse is always seemed busy in messages and hide his/her phone in your presence, use the spy on text messages of spouse surveillance software. It will provide you text message spy, MMS, iMessage monitoring, BBM chat messages and even heads up ticker notification along with complete time schedule. A spouse can also listen recorded live calls of their partner through spy on calls of spouse monitoring software. Then spouse can listen to all recorded live calls, call history and can save the stuff over the internet for a reminder. A spouse can see internet surfing of their partner with the help of view browsing activities. It enables spouse to view all visited websites, bookmarked websites and appointments. In case your spouse suddenly changes his/her cell phone SIM card then you can get instant alerts through SIM change notification.


The spy software has the state of the art powerful features which will support you no matter what if you are the parent, employer, and spouse. It is always on standby to provide you best solution for every single social issue you are facing right now.


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